The Resilient Kind is an in-person 2-day course (also available in smaller chunks for individual clients) where we work with artists and industry professionals to prepare them for a career in music.

Expanding on the induction (employee) or media (artist) training received when signing a contract, the resilience training Music and You provides will cover a multitude of areas, from looking at how to achieve peak performance when on the road, how to operate at your best, how to utilize your character strengths, the company you keep and how it can serve or hinder you, working through career ambitions and an expanded media training to also incorporate dealing with social media.

Below you can find in more detail a breakdown of what will be covered across each of the areas during The Resilient Kind training.

Peak Performance on the Road

Identifying and implementing wellness techniques, to ensure peak performance when doing promo, whilst on tour, in the studio, including anxiety management and looking after your voice.

Character Strengths

Identifying how to operate at your best, looking at your values and beliefs, identifying your key character strengths and how to optimize them as part of your daily practice.

The Company You Keep

Looking at how best to support yourself, how to communicate effectively, how to deal with conflict, maintaining healthy relationships and avoiding long term isolation.

Expanded Media Training

Alongside traditional media training, we look at social media usage, understanding your triggers, avoiding traps and being aware of the pitfalls.

Career Ambitions

Looking at and identifying your career ambitions understanding your competition, creating plans and setting goals, the importance of taking time to reflect on your achievements and how to savour those moments.

One on One Support

Additional on-on-one support available to attendees to help continue to maintain that resilient mindset, through performance and transformative coaching sessions.

Through the two-day resilient kind course, we equip artists and industry professionals with the tools and techniques to be able to deal with both the demands and the challenges that a career in music can present.


The Resilient Kind course, runs yearly in London during Mental Health Awareness Week, over the Saturday and Sunday.

Additional yearly courses will run in Los Angeles from 2021 and Sydney from 2022.

There are additional options for artists to also have ongoing support with a career coach, following the 2-day course, to continue to build on that resilient mindset.

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